Dog training in Valencia, Spain
Group classes

Come over and you will learn:

– Better understand your canine companion and therefore enjoy more of he/she (and he/she will more of you)
– The way they communicate each other
– To speak to them in their own language
– To teach them to behaviour properly to other dogs and people
– The causes of most behaviour problems in order to prevent them
– To improve your dog’s self-control and confidence
– To get your dog walking calmly on-leash, sit down by demand anywhere, stay chilled whenever you want, greet people politely and come to you when asked. Because of that, you will be able to take him (or her) along with you anywhere you would like to

We will use last theories in animal behavior, so that it will be no need to yell or punish your dog in order to be obedient.

Theoric program:
Dominance vs. Behaviour with beneffits. Learning Theory
Hidden reinforcements
Calming signals
Canine stress
Continuous reinforcement vs. Variable reinforcement
When and how introduce an oral signal for a behaviour on demand
Premack’s Principle
Punishment vs. Positive reinforcement
Interior designer dog’s
Separation anxiety
Agressions towards peoples and dogs
Resource protection (toys, food, owner, coach…)
Mounting behaviour
Dangers in dogs’ parks and steps for a proper socialization
Classic conditioning vs. Operant conditioning
Fear treatment techniques: contraconditioning and sistematic desensitization. Ergotherapy

Practique program:

Calm capture
Steps for a good way of leaving home for a calmly walk
Steps for a good meeting between dogs. Calming signals and social reinforcement for loose leash.
Leave it
Greeting people politely
Walking on a loose leash

¿Can I go with my pet?

Of course! The course is mainly practical and it’s designed to be done by the owner and his/her pet.


The course are 5 sessiones, one hour each.

¿Where it will be?

It will be held in Polígono Fuente del Jarro. Paterna. Installations are roofed and well prepared for working with dogs.


Phone us and we will let you know the dates.


From 19:30 h to 20:30 h, weekdays. Should any other time suit you better, please, tell us.

¿How old can my dog be?

Between 5 months and 15 years old.

¿How much is it and how can I make a reservation?

Write an e-mail to We will answer you back with the amount and the instructions for the reservation.

10 % of money collected will go to an animal care association (MODEPRAN).

Noel Espinosa  canine behavior specialist

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